Get Involved

How You Can Join The Movement



Lend your skills and time to any area of the campaign, making a versatile impact.

Be A Campaign Captain


Lead and inspire others as a primary point of contact and organizer for campaign activities.

Knock on Doors


Engage directly with community members, sharing Ben’s vision and gathering feedback.

Host A Neighborhood Meet & Greet


Open your space for a personal touch, allowing neighbors to connect with Ben and his platform.

Place Signs Throughout the Community


Amplify visibility by strategically placing campaign signs in high-traffic areas.

Put a Campaign Yard Sign Up at your House or Business


Show your support visibly, endorsing Ben’s campaign to passersby and neighbors.

Be A Part of the Campaign Team!


Join the core group driving the campaign, contributing your unique skills and passion.

Organize a Fundraiser


Champion the campaign’s financial goals by hosting events or initiatives to raise funds.

In-Kind Donation to Campaign


Support the campaign with goods or services, directly contributing to its success.

Be A Campaign Captain!

As a Campaign Captain, rally support by securing 10 donations from loved ones and placing 20 yard signs in supportive spaces. Host a community Meet & Greet, actively engage on social media, and pen a brief endorsement for sharing online. Contribute a supportive Letter to the Editor for Ben, and expand our team by mentoring two new Campaign Captains.

Get Involved!

Help Us Build a Community by Investing In People!