Building a Brighter Ogden Together.

Ben Nadolski envisions an Ogden where every resident thrives, where community ties are strengthened, and where the city’s rich history and vibrant future converge harmoniously. Rooted in core beliefs of trust, community engagement, and sustainable growth, Ben aspires to lead Ogden into a new era of prosperity. As mayor, he is committed to championing the voices of all Ogdenites, ensuring safety and well-being, and fostering economic opportunities that benefit everyone. With a holistic approach that balances Ogden’s socioeconomic interests with its natural beauty and resources, Ben aims to create a city that is not just a place to live, but a community to love.

The Issues


Ben is dedicated to fostering an Ogden where everyone feels valued, emphasizing trust and well-being for all residents, young and old.


Ben prioritizes safety, infrastructure, and education, aiming to enhance public security, improve city facilities, and champion educational opportunities for Ogden’s youth.


Ben envisions a prosperous Ogden, supporting local businesses and fostering economic growth, with a commitment to sustainable and inclusive development.


Putting Ogden’s Heart First

The people of Ogden are my top priority, and we will ensure that the people are seen, heard and valued.  We will lead by building a culture of trust and transparency, while matching citizen engagement with city support and resource activation. 

Building Partnerships
  • Doing business in Ogden should be easy.  The City should provide the support to help businesses and events succeed.  Further, the City should look to partner with other government agencies to improve the lives of its people.
Communication and Transparency
  • Communication is key to the success of any business or government, and also important to the well-being of our citizens.  A City should operate with transparency and integrity to gain the trust of its citizens. 
Engagement with Community
  • Being proactive and providing direct engagement with citizens and businesses will help build a relationship between the City and those it serves.
Citizen Feedback
  • Accept and incorporate feedback or recommendations when engaging with the public.  There are many opportunities to engage the public to gather input prior to formally proposing a project.
  • Ogden needs solutions for homelessness that are congruent with the foundations of human success: safety, stability, and security.  I recognize that homelessness is often a consequence of systemic failures coupled with individual circumstances. We plan to adopt an individual perspective to understand and address the multiple contributing factors. 

    Acknowledging that each person’s story is unique, we will endeavor to build comprehensive solutions targeting the root causes of homelessness. These can be anything from inadequate healthcare to lack of employment opportunities.

  • In the city of Ogden, we hold a steadfast commitment to fostering a community characterized by diversity, equity, and inclusion, wherein all members of society are valued, heard, and given opportunities to thrive. We believe that our collective differences—whether they are race, ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic status, national origin, language, religion, or abilities—are a cornerstone of our shared strength and vitality. Recognizing that diversity is our collective tapestry, we work to create an environment where everyone has an opportunity. 


Building a Brighter Future for Ogden

Ogden is built on the diversity, grit and greatness of our people.  Together we can honor our past while investing in a future that is focused on our safety, prosperity and investments in community initiatives and assets.  When we prioritize trust, service, infrastructure, affordable housing, education, open-space, recreation and public-safety, we all reap the benefits.

  • Support community engagement initiatives that build genuine relationships and trust with those we serve.
  • Find efficiencies in our operations to keep the tax burdens on our people and businesses as low as possible. 
  • Opportunities for our police and fire staff to coach and teach our kids through connecting them with community initiatives (youth rec, arts, MWC programs).
Building Strong Infrastructure
  • Emphasize road and sidewalks to and enhance walkability of our neighborhoods.
Affordable Housing
  • Ensure a mix of housing types across the spectrum of affordability and neighborhoods, with emphasis on building more entry-level and affordable homes for ownership.
  • Identify opportunities for our police and fire staff to support and engage in classes and programs offered at MWC. 
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to bring our culture to others, and bring their cultures to Ogden through arts, events and community initiatives.
  • Host additional events to bring more families and cultures to Ogden, as well as revenues to pay for local projects and programs. 
Open Space
  • Develop a collaborative plan to provide playable field space for youth recreation at our parks. 
  • Improve equipment and public amenities at existing parks.
  • Identify parks and recreation needs and evaluate future surplus school district properties for purchase.
  • Complete Marshall White Center and activate the space by hosting local family resource providers, sports programs and community events. 
  • Build world-class recreation facilities to host world-class recreation programs and events for all citizens. 
  • Plan, design and find partner funding for a community sports complex at 4th Street Park.
  • Strengthen partnership with Ogden School District  to provide dual use and funding opportunities for community recreation space, including gyms, community centers and parks.
Public Safety
  • Competitive salaries, community support and a workplace culture of integrity that keep our police and fire employees in Ogden, thus keeping experience, investments and love for community in Ogden.
  • School resource officers that are connected with students lives and prepared to protect our kids and schools.
  • Provide the training and resources to be the most skilled, responsive and effective departments in the state when emergencies happen.
Water System
  • Ogden’s aging water system infrastructure is an issue that needs to be addressed. Fifty percent of the water system is over six decades old with some portions originally constructed before 1940. In the last 15 years, Ogden has replaces 12% of its existing water mains and they have taken measures  to maintain and repair portions of this system but we have reached a critical time when the replacement of agining sections of this system are mandatory. 

    Two key concerns are the 90-year-old water line in Ogden Canyon that is responsible for two-thirds of the city’s water supply and the sixty percent of the water mains that are under 2 inches in diameter. These undersized water mains lack the necessary capacity to adequately supply 1-3/4, 2.5, and 5-inch hoses utilized by our firefighting teams. This limitation poses a significant challenge in ensuring the effective response and extinguishing capabilities needed during fire emergencies

Infrastructure and Roads
  • Ogden’s infrastructure, particularly its roads, presents a multifaceted challenge that requires strategic planning and funding innovation. Road projects often intersect with utility upgrades, necessitating careful coordination to maximize efficiency and cost savings. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) highlights the pressing need for road maintenance and reconstruction in the city, with issues like crowning and steep crowns demanding extensive attention. Funding constraints, including the limitations of Proposition 1 funding and the requirement for local matches in federal programs, pose significant challenges. Seeking grant opportunities from programs like WACOG and WFRC is essential to bridge the funding gap and enhance sustainable transportation options. Ogden’s commitment to increasing funding for road and sidewalk projects is crucial, considering the demands on aging infrastructure in a historic city like Ogden. While road reconstruction can be costly, addressing these issues is vital for the safety and efficiency of travel within the city.


Driving Economic Growth in Ogden

Our economic prosperity is the key to the future of our people.  When we accelerate business and economic opportunities in Ogden, we accelerate the revenues needed to invest in our community and our people, because economic prosperity creates opportunities for everyone. 

Small Businesses
  • Support existing small businesses and recruit new businesses that build on their success. 
  • Remove bureaucratic barriers that impede progress.
Competitive and Transparent Economic Development and Developer Selection
  • Require a fair, transparent and competitive process for selecting developers to allow more people and businesses to participate in Ogden’s future.
  • Fair market principles will allow Ogden to substantially scale back the use of Tax Increment Financing and Incentives which will create funding that can be invested in our people, parks, open space and recreation.
Make Ogden Plan
  • Prioritize the restoration and protection of the Union Station.
  • Renewed emphasis on community input to re-energize and catalyze broad support for the continued development of our downtown.
Project Completion
  • Prioritize unfinished economic development projects for completion.
Ogden City General Plan
  • Review and revise to ensure that development density is focused downtown, while prioritizing opportunities for affordable home ownership, especially entry-level homes. 
  • I am dedicated to collaborating with the diverse companies at the airport to guarantee their success. Establishing open communication and trust with all vendors is crucial to ensure that the airport operates efficiently, with various entities thriving cohesively. To facilitate this, I propose the empowerment of the Airport Advisory Board and appointing stakeholders from the airport who have a deep understanding of airport issues. This will be pivotal in making critical decisions for the airport’s profitability and user-friendliness.

    Addressing and revising outdated regulations, specifically Title 8. This is crucial to maintaining the airport’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. The Airport Advisory Board will play a key role in finding solutions and addressing these regulatory concerns.

Economic Development
  • Ogden’s economic development strategy focuses on fostering prosperity through a strategic approach that attracts new businesses and supports existing ones, with a commitment to job creation. The city aims to diversify its economy by prioritizing industries like technology, tourism, and manufacturing, encouraging a resilient job market through economic incentives. 

    Ensuring pathways to homeownership is another crucial aspect, with an emphasis on affordable housing and initiatives like the First-time Homebuyer Assistance Program. By promoting homeownership and responsible budgeting, Ogden aims to keep tax dollars within the community and invest in essential services, such as police, teachers, and firefighters, while utilizing Redevelopment Agency (RDA) land transparently to enhance affordability. This community-focused approach underscores Ogden’s commitment to a fair and inclusive city that benefits all residents.

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